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Broadway Roulette Lets Theatergoers Gamble on Tickets | Hollywood Reporter

"I had been running this business in between celebrity reporting gigs by going into box offices. It was tough," she recounts, adding that the "thick skin" she developed as a reporter helped her persevere. "It was a lot of calling general managers and being like, 'Hi, yeah. I'm Liz and that's my article you're reading in Us Weekly. But also, I'm running this company and you should come meet with me.'" Durand Streisand says getting general managers and producers to take meetings — and finding acceptance among the theater community, in general — was initially a struggle. But, after about eight months of hustling, her hard work finally paid off in the summer of 2016 when she scored her first considerable deal with Jersey Boys. "The day that I gave birth to my son, I actually closed my first official deal with Jersey Boys. That was the moment it became real," she says. "It was a real show, it had been open a long time and we had made a deal with a management company that everybody respected. Nobody wants to be first to the party, but nobody wants to be last. We could say, 'We're working with Jersey Boys,' and that made the conversation much easier." Since making what she calls an "imperative" breakthrough with Jersey Boys, Durand Streisand has signed deals with many major shows, and independently sources tickets to hard-to-see shows like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen to ensure that every show on Broadway is in the roulette.

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Russian roulette shooter gets five years in prison for killing friend in Westminster

Marquis Leon Brooks Brooks had been drinking, using cocaine and Xanax in an apartment at Edgewood Apartments, 6980 Stuart St., while playing the game, Young said in a Facebook post. Witnesses said he had been talking about suicide that night before he brought out his gun and unloaded all but one bullet. He pointed it at his own head and said, “Let’s see if this is my time,” and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire. He pointed it at Espinosa-Bivens’ head and fired, killing him, according to Young. Deputy District Attorney Carmen Rickard told Adams County District Judge Sharon Holbrook that Brooks fled the scene without trying to help his dying friend.

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